Topping Up

Top up whenever you want with Digicel Prepaid. There are 7 convenient ways to add credit to your prepaid account.

1. Online Top Up
Top up online at Benefit from our monthly Online Top Up Double Bubble promotion, where you receive double credit, just for topping up online with $25 or more!
  • Register for free in just a few seconds
  • Enter your 7-digit Digicel mobile phone number
  • Select a top up value and click “Next”
  • Enter your credit card information then select “Pay”
  • A receipt will be shown on the computer and the mobile phone will receive an SMS confirmation message
  • The Government fee of $0.24 will be deducted from the first Top Up of each day.

2. Automatic Top Up and Fingertip Top Up now make it even easier and more convenient to send top up to friends and family or to your own phone! 

I. Automatic Top Up:
Top up a specified Digicel customer at a designated time and date automatically. You don’t have to be a Digicel customer to use this service. Just sign up or login, enter the top up details once, and Digicel will do the rest.  
II. Fingertip Top Up:
Registered online customers may send a top up from their Digicel mobile phone and have the amount charged to the credit card on their account. 
Customers can also register a Digicel mobile phone belonging to a family member or friend, which then allows the owner of that phone to send the top up request. 
3. Electronic Top Up
Electronic kiosks are located around the island, including in our two store locations. Just follow the instructions on the screen and the money will be deposited directly to your phone. It’s easy!
If you prefer, a sales rep would be happy to top you up using the electronic kiosk, which will deposit the denomination of your choice directly to your phone. 
Please see below all electronic Top Up locations:

AF Smith
All Talk
Arnolds's Family Market - St. John's Road
Arnold's - Hamilton
Arnold's Maxi Mart
Arnold's - Somerset
Audio Visual - Somerset
Audio Visual - Hamilton 
Belvin's - Happy Valley 
Belvin's - Devonshire
Belvin's - Flatt's
Bermuda Financial Network - Hamilton
Bermuda Financial Network - St. Georges
Crawl Hill Esso
Destiny Tours
Destiny Tours 2
Digicel Church Street
Digicel Court Street
Dub City (Kiosk)
Esso Service Station - City Auto Mart - Hamilton 
Esso Serivce Station - Collector's Hill Tigermarket
Esso - Crawl Hill Tigermarket
Esso Station - Port Royal
Frities Variety
Henry's Pantry
I Repair
Lindo's Family Foods
Misty’s Take Out
Money Shop - Washington Mall
Money Shop - Court Street
Money Shop - Inside The Hub
One Stop Barber Shop
One Stop Variety 
People Pharmacy
Portraits Afrique
RUBiS Service Station - Warwick
Rural Hill Plaza Ltd (Ice Queen)
Serpentine Liquors
Shopping Centre -Marketplace
Somers Supermart
The Hub
The Market Place - Heron Bay
The Market Place - Modern Mart
The Market Place - Hamilton
The Market Place - Heron Bay
The Market Place - Shelly Bay
Unlimited Supplies
Washington Mall (Kiosk)
Yardie Kitchen & Variety

4. Digicel Prepaid Top Up cards 
Available at over 120 top up locations, Digicel Prepaid Top Up cards offer portable convenience. Just dial *121* followed by the voucher number and press SEND to add credit.
Digicel Prepaid Top Up cards are available at the following locations:
It's Only Natural 
BDC Ltd Paget
Bermuda 2000 LTD
Bermuda College
Bermuda Wines & Spirits
Buds Wines & Spirit 
Burrows & Lightbourne
Caesar's Pharmacy 
Chatham House
Collector's Hill Apothecary 
Cousins Variety
Creative Variety Stores
Dockyard Mini Mart 
Dowling's Marine 
East End Variety
EDCC Ltd (Woodbourne)
Empire Grocery 
Esso Service Station - Sandy's
Esso Service Station - St. George's
Fish  and Tings
G & O Enterprises
Hamilton Pharmacy
Henry's Pantry Catering 
Hickory Stick 
Hodge Podge 
Jamaician Grill
M. Soares & Son 
Mrs. Liser Dill
People Pharmacy
Platnium 2000 Hair Salon 
Point Convenience Mart 
Robertson's Drug Store
RUBiS Service Station - Raynor's Southampton
RUBiS Service Station - Paget
RUBiS Service Station - Terciera's 
RUBiS Service Station - Dowling's Marine 
Somer's Supermart Ltd
Somerset Pharmacy
The Market Place - Hamilton
The Market Place - A-1 Smiths
The Market Place - A-1 Paget
The Market Place - Somerset
The Matchbox
The Supermart Ltd
The Village Café 
The Wadson's Group Ltd
Waite Enterprise 
Warehouse Sales
Wok Express - Hamilton
Wok Express  - Southampton
5. Credit U
Share your Digicel credit with friends or family members who also have a prepaid Digicel mobile. Enter *128*1441 followed by the receiver’s 7 digit number, then *, then the amount of credit and the # key, and then press SEND.  (e.g. *128*14415550000*10# would send $10 to 555-0000)

6. Top U Up
Send credit from any Digicel phone using a Flex card. Just enter *125*1441 followed by the receiver’s 7 digit phone number and the # sign and then press SEND. You will receive further instructions on your phone.

7. iTop Up (Butterfield Bank ATM)
After inserting your Butterfield Direct ATM card and following the prompts for iTop Up, simply press *121* followed by the voucher number on the receipt and the # sign and then press SEND.
It’s important to note the following:
Expiration for the $5 card is 45 days.  The credit for a $5 card is valid for an additional 45 days after expiration with an additional top-up.
Expiration for the $10 and $20 cards is 60 days.  The credit for a $10 and $20 card is valid for an additional 60 days after expiration with an additional top-up.
Expiration for the $50 card is 90 days.  The credit for a $50 card is valid for an additional 90 days after expiration with an additional top-up.
If your account is dormant for 120 days, your account will automatically be terminated.  You will then need to purchase a new SIM card with a new phone number.