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Prepaid Mobile Internet provides the ultimate flexibility. Choose from options that let you pay as you go. Once your plan expires or runs out, you simply choose another.
Use your Digicel Prepaid Mobile Internet plan with any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just purchase a prepaid Digicel SIM from any Digicel store or authorised dealer.



Data Allowance


Date of Expiry


100 MB


24 hours


200 MB


3 days


350 MB


7 days


600 MB


14 days


1 GB


30 days


5 GB


30 days

Customers using Android or Apple smartphones, tablets or Mac/PC laptops may choose a Digicel prepaid mobile internet plan at
Your username is 1441 followed by your 7 digit phone number. Your original password will be 1234.
Once your plan expires or is used up, you can simply purchase another plan. Without a plan, Prepaid Mobile Internet is charged at $5/MB.
Please note: SMS notifications for Digicel Prepaid Mobile Internet are based on quota, not on time. Please be mindful of your expiry date. SMS notifications are unavailable for some tablets, like the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. You are responsible for monitoring your data usage, which may be seen at
For more information about topping up, please click here.