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Top up your cellphone credit at the atm

May 23rd 2006 - Top up your cellphone credit at the atm

Butterfield Bank and Digicel yesterday introduced a new service that allows people who are customers of both firms to credit their pay-as-you-go cellular accounts at the ATM.

The new iTop Up service allows Digicel prepaid phone customers who are also Butterfield Bank account holders to put credit on their phones without having to wait in line at Digicel outlet stores to receive such a service.

Prepaid phone accounts can also be credited or topped up at one of Butterfield Bank's ATM machines around the island 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to Cheryl Packwood, general manager for Digicel.

Customers can follow three steps to credit their phone at a Butterfield Bank machine, first by selecting iTop Up from the transactions menu, then selecting a chequing or savings account, then finally the dollar amounts to be credited to the phone — in $10, $20, $50 or $100 denominations.

The service is only available to people who have a Digicel FLEX Prepaid phone and a Butterfield Bank savings or chequing account debit card. The service is not available to holders of debit cards from other banks.

The service is now automatically available to customers who have already have the relevant phone plan and debit card; no signing up is necessary and the service is free of charge, Ms. Packwood noted.

Phone are charged immediately after the ATM iTop Up transaction goes through, Ms. Packwood added.

We are delighted to partner with Digicel to offer our mutual customers a more convenient way to add credit to their prepaid cellular service, said Butterfield Bank's AVP of electronic banking, Derrick Smith at a press conference yesterday.

This type of service is already widely used in Europe, Asia, and other islands in the Caribbean, Ms. Packwood said.

The plan for a streamlined prepayment system between the bank and the telecoms firm came about in February.

Although Digicel and Butterfield Bank both have offices spread out among several Caribbean islands, the new iTop Up service is available in Bermuda, and will not work in ATMs overseas, according to Wendell Emery, executive VP of information technology for Butterfield Bank.